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by Susan Wood

Being no stranger to turmoil, the global advertising industry will need to step it up to overcome this differentiating pandemic, Adweek insisted.

The current outbreak of COVID-19 has prompted widespread travel restrictions and a dense cloud of uncertainty, slowing the mechanics of advertising in the United States to a crawl.

Will the industry see a potential in growth with the need for information or will it fail to overcome this unprecedented hurdle for the nation?

Susan Wood
About Susan Wood
Susan Wood's ad copywriting experience has taken her to a slew of large companies ranging from Guitar Center to Puritan Bennett. She's worked inside some notable agencies including McCaffrey & McCall, handling Epson computers and Mattel licensing division, as well as the Evans Group catering to Glendale Federal and the Pasadena Agency with The Broadway and ITC Entertainment. Her strongest suit lies in conceptual development. She's an idea person. Her philosophy is such that every campaign starts with that great idea, often an observation of life’s simple, memorable moments.