World of Communication

  • Netflix expands its offerings
    Netflix is bringing offline downloads to your phone or tablet, Adweek reported this week. The offerings are available on iOS or Android devices, with users being able to select shows or movies to download now and watch at their convenience.
  • Loyalty is up for grabs
    You never know who will be bedfellows or enemies. President elect Donald Trump’s pick as chief strategist, Steve Bannon, went after Fox News, the flag bearer for right-wing slanted news, for getting the news regarding the election wrong more than other media providers, Media Bistro announced this week. Bannon engineered the final months of Trump’s…
  • Facebook undergoes updates of its own
    Social media giant Facebook announced this week making several metrics-related updates, corrections of bugs and increases of third-party verifications, SocialTimes reported. A new metric system was added that tracks both completed views and completed audio.  
  • Instagram to go live with video
    Instagram is gearing up to roll out live video in its photo app, joining a host of social media companies fighting to lure users away from traditionally televised events. However, Variety reported that it is unknown when the change would happen and how the new feature would be integrated.
  • Gannett passes on Tronc
    After months of speculation, the Gannett media company won’t buy Tronc — another media giant that owns the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, Media Bistro reported recently. The deal was intended to cut costs and turned into what appeared to be a hostile takeover. Shares for Tronc quickly plummeted almost 20 percent upon the…